why switching super makes so much difference

Switching your Super to green superannuation scheme is a very powerful way of influencing australian companies to build environmentally sustainable products and industries

The Superannuation of millions of australian workers is funding the development of australaian industries and infrustructure. When these funds are only avaialble if a comany cna show its processes and products are environmentally sustainable.

Did you know Most Australian Standard Employer Super Schemes invest in companies that

Operate Coal Fired Power Stations
Land Clearing
GM Cropping
Uranium Mining
Nucear Enrichment

By joining a green superscheme your super is used to fund sustainable investments
inversely, you deprive the above activities of the chance to invest in ecologically and socially unsustainable ventures

Why wait till your 65 to have a say with what you do with your super nest egg

Use your super to invest in sustainable technology companies

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