Typical Aircraft Emissions

//introduce fuel per passenger km measure

//show graph to compare transport options by fuel per passenger km

//use slider bar to control the demand for aircraft fuel and view the cost result for the petrol consumer

ED. More food for thought

may be the govvie could subside the instalation of aircraft engine carbon scrubbers on australian flagged aircraft, and then charge a per litre carbon credit on aircraft fuel used in non scrubbed aircraft engines.

adelaide leads the way in many aircraft and defence technologies

an intiative such as this would boost these aircraft maintenance sectors, and create an atmosphere where australian is seen as the destination to install aircraft technology.

passengers are becoming more aware of the carbon costs of flying and would be happy to see their tax fees used to minimize them. more suggested options for capture carbons from the atmosphere and take a credit for them.

collect carbons and fuel byproducts from aircraft fumes from aircraft in flight and ensure there safe disposal

could greater filtering or scrubbing of aircraft exhausts help aircraft operators to maximize the use of fuels.

carbon sesquation in deep wells may prove to be the new name for pumping the nasty stuff back down another hole. I'm not sure if mining coal, bringing to the surface, to the surface and burning it, converting the energy to currency and then pumping it back down the down deserves a public handout for reducing carban footprints. It would seem appropriate

if carbon credits can be earned from sesquating carbon from aircraft exhasts,

Created on ... April 27, 2008